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Neff UK

Inspired By The Most Exacting Demands


The new Neff ovens.

Stunning from first sight, with a completely revised design and many functions
to achieve perfect baking, roasting and cooking results, Neff has an oven
for every requirement. Get closer to your cooking with the innovative
Slide&Hide® fully retractable oven door. Cookaholics use one oven, Neff.

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Get closer to your cooking.

Gian Paolo makes melt-in-your-mouth tender chicken. "Two things are important
for chicken to come out the way I want – the right seasoning and constant
monitoring and basting. Slide&Hide® is perfect for that. The handle rotates with
the door and the door slides fully under the oven cavity. Instead of basting a little
less, you end up basting a little more."

Slide®: When you open and close the oven door, the handle rotates to give you a firm grip. Hide®: When open, the fully retractable oven door disappears completely under the oven cavity, creating optimum space in any kitchen.


seamless combination

An eye catcher in any kitchen.

Christoph, the Creative Chef. A food stylist at work and at home when he cooks. "This oven is definitely the highlight of any kitchen. Especially the seamless transition on the front. Gaps are history. You can really see the attention to detail."

neff appliances

Vertical installation is especially practical in smaller kitchens. The idea: In the kitchen, stacked appliances appear as just one appliance, for an impressive visual impact. The new Neff design: A sleek, stylish design dominates our new ovens. The premium combination of darkened glass and stainless steel is particularly striking.


full touch display neff

Intuitive display with easy fingertip control.

Christoph: "Simple operation is especially important. No lengthy searching and trial-and-error. I can get to the right programme in an instant. How cool is that? It gives me more time to focus on the essentials, like the dishes I'm preparing."

Full Touch Control

New on many Neff ovens: ShiftControl. Quick programme selection using the menus, leaves more time to enjoy cooking. Simple operation for advanced cooking.

Neff Appliances


Circo Therm

Simultaneous cooking on multiple levels.

With CircoTherm® you can cook, roast and bake completely different dishes on up to four levels and everything will come out tasting like it's supposed to. No intermingling of flavours, the roast will taste like a roast, and the muffins will taste like muffins. With flat items like cookies you can now even bake on four levels.

Neff Kitchen Appliances

Not in the mood for roast boar raspberry fish muffins? CircoTherm® isn't either. Cook a three-course meal in-one-go without the intermingling of flavours.


Vario Steam

Innovative steam assistance.

Malte is a master craftsman; he's brought along some game which he’ll be roasting in the oven today. "I don’t insist on meat every day, but I use it in most of my dishes. I like a really good cut. Ideally meat should be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Right from the start I liked the idea of cooking with steam. VarioSteam® is the best cooking programme to perfect a cut of meat."

VarioSteam® gives dishes just the right amount of moisture by adding steam at three intensity levels, for baking, roasting or just heating up. Foods come out with more intense flavour and an appetizing appearance.

Neff Appliances Rugby


Comfort Flex

Comfortable and flexible access to your cooking.

Hold and lift hot dishes safely and comfortably out of the oven using the new innovative ComfortFlex rails. The rails can be moved around easily and positioned in the oven at whichever of the four levels you prefer. "

Neff Appliances Midlands


ComfortFlex rails extend fully to provide space either side for gripping. Crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside, delicious all round.


New Neff Oven

Combine unique advantages like Slide&Hide®, CircoTherm®, NeffLight®, ComfortFlex and VarioSteam® within the intelligent FullSteam single oven by Neff. This is an easy to operate oven that can perfect everything, from appetizers to main courses to desserts."

Neff Ovens

Whether cooking is your favourite hobby, or you’re a full-time professional chef, the new Neff ovens guarantee to meet your every need.

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cookaholics 2015 neff

Cooking inspires people. People inspire us.

From this inspiration, Neff develops features that are simply more innovative, like Slide&Hide®, CircoTherm® and VarioSteam®. Conversations in the kitchen, while preparing and cooking, continually give us new ideas for the kitchens of tomorrow. "

cookaholics 2015 neff

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Need some more information and details on the new Neff range? Be sure to give us a call and we will be happy to help!"

Neff Appliances


As the UK's market leader in built-in kitchen appliances, Neff is the name on everyone's lips when they think of the ultimate cooking appliances and built-in ovens, in particular.

As a Neff Master Partner retailer we can offer you exclusive deals and the best advice to help you create your dream kitchen using Neff.

At the heart of Neff's success is the confidence and trust of well over a million UK households now boasting a so-called "Neff Kitchen".

Out of all the furniture and equipment, it's the familiar Neff logo that predominates any kitchen. Neff has now been in the UK for the past thirty years and offers the finest in quality and design for your kitchen appliances.

Neff Offers: Don't miss out on these fantastic offers when you buy a Neff slide&hide oven - you can get a free gift and if you become a fan on the Neff Bake it Yourself Facebook page you can get a £100 off voucher! Click on the images below for more information.

Lisa Melvin Design Says... 

"Neff are such an established name in kitchen appliances - and there is good reason for it. They've got a huge range of appliances to choose from and utilise some market-leading technologies in their ovens, hobs, fridges to mention a few."

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